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Photo Books - Premium Contemporary - Large

Photobooks Contemporary Large

See the big picture!

Amazingly good-looking, the Large Premium Contemporary will do justice to your most precious or most exotic memories. Sparkling colours, magnificent shots, the Large Premium Contemporary Photo Book appeals to those who like to see the big picture, literally or figuratively.

Its generous proportions will grace your coffee table, looking every bit as good as any of your art books or artistic photographs. It's also one of the biggest Photo Books on the market.

Use its size to make the most of your wedding photos, far-off holidays, portfolio ... 
It will also delight amateur and professional photographers eager to showcase and share their pictures.

Photobook Contemporary Large

Available now from 69,45 € Create


My Medium Premium Contemporary Photo Book

• 33 x 39 cm
• 100% personalizable cover (photos and texts) board-bound and coated, gloss finish

• 30 to 150 pages

• Printed on 170 g/m² satin-coated paper. 

• Ultra-resistant fine binding 

• Optional Glassine sheets between pages (semi-transparent protective paper)

Photobook Contemporary Large

Some ideas for my Large Premium Contemporary Photo Book

- wedding

- honeymoon

- faraway holidays

- round-the-world trip 

- exotic holidays 

- art photography 

- photo journalism 

- architecture photos
- ...





View the Premium Contemporary Photo Book characteristics here:


• The 100% personalizable cover (photos and texts)

Contemporary Photobook

Gloss-finish coated paperboard cover. 

For a more traditional looking photo album, see the Premium Classic Photo Book


• Binding

contemporary - binding

Ultra-resistant fine binding for 30 to 150 pages.

Photo of a Large cover with headbands.

• Option : Premium 250 gr/m2 paper

The paper used for the Photo Books is a flexible and elegant 170 gr/m2 glossy satin-finish paper.
We can also offer you the option of Premium Paper. This is a 250gr/m2 satin-finish paper which gives your pages a more rigid feel.

• Option : Satin-finish gloss

You may like to glaze your pages with a satin gloss to produce a shiny finish and an even more brilliant colour rendition.
Option satin-finish  gloss

• Option : Coloured endpapers (red, navy blue, black or cream)

A white endpaper will be added to Photo Book. As an option, we offer you the opportunity of selecting the colour of your endpapers. Available colours are: red, navy blue, black or cream.
Coloured endpapers

• Glassine Paper option: semi-transparent protective sheets between pages




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