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Calendars - XL

XL Calendar

Relive your memories from month to month...

Smaller than the XXL Calendar, the XL Calendar still offers generous dimensions (32.5 x 49 cm).

You can personalize both the photo section at the top of the page and the bottom of the page, containing the Calendar. As well as inserting your photos, add backgrounds, text objects and clip art, etc. from the range available in our software program.

You can also personalize each date with a photo and/or text, a practical way not to forget family birthdays and important meetings, and to plan your holidays...

Each page also features a mini-calendar of the previous month and another for the following month.

Price : 25,95 € Create my Calendar



The characteristics of your XL Calendar:

XL Calendar

- 32,5 x 49 cm (2 x A4+)
- 25 pages to personalize

- 250g/m2 paper

- Option satin-finish gloss
- you can start your Calendar on the day, month or year of your choice

- numbering of weeks

- option to personalize each date with a photo and/or text

- preview of the previous and following month

Price : 25,95 € Create my Calendar



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