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Becoming one of our affiliates means:

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Why run a TicTacPhoto promotion?

Since 2004, TicTacPhoto has been active in selling online customisable Photo Products.

We are constantly innovating with new products. TicTacPhoto Products have been really successful, so don’t waste time – join us.

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Why not join our affiliation programme?

Affiliation websites:

• Zanox NL

• Webgains FR

• TradeDoubler FR

• TradeDoubler BE

How do you join?

1.  Create an account on your preferred affiliation platform.

2.  Register with the TicTacPhoto programme.

3.  Select one or more banners from those available.

4.  Install the banners on your website by adding the link with which you have been provided.

5.  Check the commission you earn online in real time.

If you’re interested:

Choose your affiliation platform below according to you country:

- Belgium: www.tradedoubler.be

- France: www.webgains.fr